Its a warm breeze from California that swept over the crowd tonight at brasserie beaubien. Birth defects, No Parents and White Fang took the stage for an amazing and stupid night. Birth defects start with a sweet heavy heavy sound. It's still early but the crowd's already sweaty. Next up are No Parents, personal all favorite, with a lighter shade of punk. With songs such as Dick City or I’m a Dildo that never go over the 2minute limit, it is maybe a more childish, natural, raw approach to punk.
         The bands have been on tour for over two weeks now and it's refreshing to see they still watch each other's shows with great enthusiasm. Yeah unkle funkle (member of White Fang) i see you headbanging in the front. Sweet 40min set, not sure how many songs , some last for maybe 40 seconds, the energy definitely passed onto the crowd. I can even feel a shy little moshpit. Then comes on big brother, White Fang. I’m excited to see they have a new member i didn’t know about. Clothes fall off fast for the best kind of ricky-dancing (ricky is the singer/performer). The band calls itself the stupidest rock band in the world, and have nicely raw song titles here too with Get Wrecked, Bong Rip and Tear it up.
         The carelessness and lightness that come from both bands are so refreshing in a garage punk scene that sometimes takes itself too seriously. The moshpit is done beeing shy and the venue is foggier than ever. Half the band is half naked and that’s the end of the shows at brasserie beaubien, everyone goes to cool off and wash the sweat away in the rain, i go join No Parents' Kilian, Zoe and Davis in the basement to try and ask some questions.

         If you, like me, indulge yourself in hours of contemporary garage-y rock, you have to have noticed the size of the community in L.A. ranging from Bleached to Together Pangea via Fidlar White Fence Wavves Paranoyds or King Tuff. Having encountered a few of these bands at or after their shows in Europe or in Montreal i was always surprised by how many of these guys were close like ‘oh yeah its this dude’s roommate, neighbor, brother’ when i would be talking about a show i liked or playing some music at a party. When i asked about that big close knitted community Zoe mentioned that ‘there’s more opportunities to play for people that enjoy that kind of music’ and kilian pointed out that the community 'is based on similarities that go beyond just the shows', even if you can’t deny bands at a similar level are in need of mutual thing, it goes beyond just playing together.
         The basement is getting more and more crowded, joint rally on our right, push up competition on our left. Davis is lying on the ground, seemingly happy about tonight’s show : ‘ tonight was the best show we’ve had on this tour so far, the point is tonight the people that were there, they have no idea who we are, we didnt know anyone in montreal but people showed up. it’s an awesome feeling to have and we’re stoked that people are here for our music and not just cause ‘hey we know each other’ ’
         If you haven’t already, go check out No Parents wonderful videos. Complementing Zoe on all the different kind of videos he’s made, i wander about the terrarium band (this will help make sense) Who wouldn’t dream of having a tiny lizard band to play at your will? The guys from No Parents would go for Ween, ‘cause they’re the coolest weirdest kind of kids’.
         Speaking of weird, the discussion turns from what to choose between a robot or an animal as a new vessel for one’s soul (my bad) to acknowledging the dolphin raping issue (yes it's very serious, google it.) 
         Finally, when talking about the apocalypse, the next american election immediately comes up. No member of the band has decided to vote because ‘fuck the president its all fucked either way’. They can see something big happening in the aftermath of the election, whatever the outcome, some violent revolution is around the corner.

         The discussion got too confused (drunk) to record and report here but the night is still young and I dont know it yet but we’re headed for l’esco to catch an after hours white fang wild show. Next time they’re in town, these are the guys you want to spend your night out with.